Christmas Paid For?

Mark Your Card and 2019 Hamper Clients went into Saturday (14th) in profit for the week, the month… and of course the Year.

Saturday 14th December 2019 – 4 ISIRIS Mark Your Card Races

Won 11-4

Won 14-1

Won 10-1

2nd 6-1

Over £1500 profit – Widely available lunchtime prices – Modest Stakes (Biggest individual bet £100)

All bets sent by text and email – £1500 for all members and hamper clients

‘flawless tipping’ – Member since Day 1

‘ congrats on the results yesterday – it’s like the old days back with ISIRIS’ – 2019 Hamper client who was a member many years ago

£115 for all Mark Your Card bets by mobile and text until 5th January 2020 to join us for more seasonal cheer

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